Sunshine Beach texture

Hanging out at Sunshine Beach this morning there was plenty of texture filling the sky as light funnelled out through a gap in the clouds shedding rain as it made its way North.

From my vantage point I couldn’t help but appreciate the blossoming banksias, the lorikeets happily feeding off them and the path through the green foliage leading down to the beach

A flash of brilliance

The morning started off ordinarily enough although driving up to Sunshine beach I could see faint traces of deep red waiving through the small breaks in the thick cloud.

Slowly the cloud dispersed and the red tinge began to take over the sky.

Then right before my eyes the sky burst into the most incredible flash mob of red which lit the sky for a few brief moments before receding into the business of a normal Monday.

Sunshine Beach – A perfect entrance

In all my travels around the coast this is one of those entrances to the beach that is close to my heart. Parking in front of some of the coast’s most exclusive real estate boasting owners such as Mark Webber and Pat Rafter, the walkway that winds down to the beach is the great equaliser for humanity and provides a sensational outlook over the protected northerly point from summer winds.

It allowed an inspiring spot for me to take in a glorious start to the week.

Appreciating the stillness

I love the winter up here in Qld. The winter sun is gorgeous and the westerlies clear and stunning. This time of year is the compromise to such a magnificent bulk of the year. Having had some reprieve on the water over the weekend it seemed somehow the overnight 30 degree temp was strangely manageable. Even the normal early morning freshness was missing as I stepped outside. Watching the sun lazily come to life it appeared to be satisfied with its work. The early light shimmered some lovely reflections across the calm ocean offering no help to the mugginess on the land. The only reminder of change is the pushing back of the suns arrival, already a full half hour delayed from the summer solstice.