Barcaldine has the tree of knowledge and there are certainly lots of recognisable trees around the place, but this one has to be my favourite. Leaning out over Lake Weyba I have seen the area used for video clips, ads and occasionally other photographers taking advantage of the spot. When I see it however I am always distracted by the features of the tree,its foliage, the roots that keep it hanging in there and its reflections balancing in the stillness.

Welcome to December

So summer is officially here. Some might say has arrived officially very late but none the less its here! With the hottest November on record here past, the holiday houses have now started filling with the sounds of holiday excitement and BBQ’s sizzling, Christmas cheer is reverberating through the usually quiet residences, and surf craft of all descriptions are propping up against the garages.
AS for me, the Christmas tree is up and Jimmy Buffet is loaded on the playlist in preparation for the Christmas Countdown!

Looking for some zing

The remnant smoke from yesterdays grass fire still hung lazily over the coast so I thought I might take a little venture out to lake Weyba to catch the sun and pick up a little extra zing! Although it was obvious through the nostrils. I think its filter was much more subtle. Either way, as the sun filled the lake it was a beautiful place to take in the morning.