Two boys and a boat

Boating has always been my life and as a youngster Cooper didn’t get much choice in his aquatic activity. As he goy older, despite my increasingly desperate attempts to keep him interested he drifted away with close to a hatred of life aboard.
We hence turned our attention to biking,touring and then independent riding at park’s.

I basically gave up any hope of having him join me and concentrated on sailing solo.

But suddenly, at the beginning of the year, Cooper discovered fishing! Suddenly I, and more importantly, the boat became relevant! Slowly and carefully when the weather was right we have been going further afield. A sail has not been raised and the voyaging has been altogether different however Coopers appreciation of the boat has been reinvigorated.
So much so that we have spent the past four days exploring the Great Sandy Straits, always with rod in hand having the time of our lives and always breaking down the myths and barriers of life aboard a boring old yacht!

Although I have left the camera behind I couldn’t break the habit totally and have subtly been snapping away on the iPhone trying to capture special moments

imageTwo boys and a boat

A perfect beach morning

After a hot and muggy night it was nice to catch slight relief from the muggy conditions on a still morning at Castaways Beach. As I focused on the wisps of grass holding the dunes together I had no end of attention from dogs excited to be out for their morning play on the beach.
Joining the surfers and walkers a family came down to wet a line and the scene was too much for me to pass up!
Its still hot, muggy and leaving a layer of sweat between me and my shirt, but for a few moments at least all was forgotten as I took in the start to the day with sand between the toes and warm salt water rushing past my shins.

A fitting memorial

Situated at the end of the rock wall at the entrance of marina is this memorial to those fisherman who have not returned. It is fitting that it lyes on the commercial side of the harbour where men have plied their trade on the unforgiving seas, dealing with mother nature more than most. A couple of things struck me as I read the list. Firstly, All the men who have perished steadily since 1948 were between 48 and 76. And also that there have been more people surrendering to the sea than shark attacks recorded.

Wetting a Line

A line of storms last night broke the heat yesterday delivered and the relief continued this morning with plenty of cloud and a sou easterly breeze. I headed down to Cotton Tree where the caravan park was full of vans, tents and appropriate toys to make the most of the surf and calm water of the river. Not dissuaded by the conditions I found this fisherman wetting a line and providing me some colour on an otherwise flat morning!

Wetting a line

Amongst the dog walkers, joggers, surfers and trainers this guy seemed happy enough to cast his line and enjoy a beautiful, cloudless morning with the small waves lapping around his shins! I didn’t see him catch anything but Im not sure it really mattered!

I dont do portraits often but this couple seemed to good to pass up as the morning stretching proceeded his faithful companion kept a watchful eye balanced on the handrail!