Crossing into the summer side of solstice

The good news is today the sunshine was extended by almost 3seconds over yesterday!! The reality though was the morning was distinctly chilly, and as I set up at Castaways Beach I regretted not bringing a jumper with me. Even the early walkers returned with their hands burrowed firmly in their pockets and their was a determined expression on their faces angled distinctly further down than usual.
Cloud, bearing rain offshore, was being dragged along the coast threatening a foreboding of showers to come. Still, its Monday and the the start of a new week that may encourage a super productive day tucked away out of the freshness of the day!

Castaways – An untouched entrance

Knowing how popular Castaways Beach is Im a little surprised at how it has escaped “beautification” for so long. Not that there is any evidence of that happening but I love how natural it is and despite the extra burning in summer as the fine white sand heats up and stings the unsuspecting visitors feet, it would be a shame to see a railed walkway through the dunes.

A perfect beach morning

After a hot and muggy night it was nice to catch slight relief from the muggy conditions on a still morning at Castaways Beach. As I focused on the wisps of grass holding the dunes together I had no end of attention from dogs excited to be out for their morning play on the beach.
Joining the surfers and walkers a family came down to wet a line and the scene was too much for me to pass up!
Its still hot, muggy and leaving a layer of sweat between me and my shirt, but for a few moments at least all was forgotten as I took in the start to the day with sand between the toes and warm salt water rushing past my shins.

A sunny welcome to the week.

The week has been welcomed by a clear and beautiful morning which sparkled all along the coast. Looking for somewhere a little different I settled into a quiet spot in the soft cool sand at Castaways Beach where disappointed surfers came and lingered a little long to take in the gold on the horizon whilst digging their hands just that bit deeper into the warmth of their jackets.

Following up on weekend wandering.

Yesterday I took advantage of a slight drop in the temperatures and a light following wind to dust off the pushy and take a ride along the bike path that meanders along the coastline between Coolum and Noosa. My riding pace allowed me the time to take in some new vantage points for pics. This is the first one looking down Burgess Creek as it winds its way to the salt water at Castaways Beach.