About Me

I have always been a morning person. In May 2010 I began taking a photo of the sunrise on my iPhone and posting it on Facebook. Since then my photography has got better and and I have travelled further to capture the uniqueness of each morning. I am constantly surprised and amazed at the variety and mood of each dawn, like a finger print, no two are ever alike and  it is such a privilege to watch the dark transform into light each day

I hope you enjoy my photos and little story as I describe my adventure in an attempt to entertain and maybe even inspire to get out and enjoy this magnificent world.


23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. As an early riser and one who enjoys the same time of the day, I empathise with you completely, David. Unfortunately, I still have to work a fulltime job in manufacturing and it annoys me lots of mornings when I am at work, when I can only stand and watch the Glory of God’s Creation unfold both in the skies and on the ground around me. I try and make up for it during the weekends, RDOs and holidays though.

  2. I truly like the essence of what you are doing. I’m a mornng person and could sit on a beach (okay I’d probably be exercising!) and watch the sun rise ever day. After all, if you can’t be in awe of a sunrise, how is the rest of the day going to be for you.

    And oddly enough, I spent my very early days at Sutton’s Beach, went to Humpybong school…you’ve got to love it there, hey!

    My sister still lives right there on the beach! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! I have just nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Please click below to accept or simply enjoy the moment if you wish not to accept. Either way, I thank you for your an awesome blog full of inspiration!
    Very Inspiring Blogger Award | White Rabbit’s Gallery

    White Rabbit

  4. Your photographs are stunning! What a grand way to start each day! Thank you so very much! All the way from Kansas City, USA !

  5. Hi David, You spoke to me at Coolum Beach. Your photo under your title “Farewell”
    I would like to know more on your equipment and the filter details you use.
    Love your work great photos.
    Can I get a quality copy of the shot, so I can have a canvas print made.
    Thanks for your offer

    • Thanks Alex, if you let me know your e mail address I would be happy to pass it on. As for equipment I use a Canon 5d mark 3 body with a 25-104 prime and 300 zoom lens. I nearly always use my graduated filter but am also never far from my circular all in one filter.

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