Two boys and a boat

Boating has always been my life and as a youngster Cooper didn’t get much choice in his aquatic activity. As he goy older, despite my increasingly desperate attempts to keep him interested he drifted away with close to a hatred of life aboard.
We hence turned our attention to biking,touring and then independent riding at park’s.

I basically gave up any hope of having him join me and concentrated on sailing solo.

But suddenly, at the beginning of the year, Cooper discovered fishing! Suddenly I, and more importantly, the boat became relevant! Slowly and carefully when the weather was right we have been going further afield. A sail has not been raised and the voyaging has been altogether different however Coopers appreciation of the boat has been reinvigorated.
So much so that we have spent the past four days exploring the Great Sandy Straits, always with rod in hand having the time of our lives and always breaking down the myths and barriers of life aboard a boring old yacht!

Although I have left the camera behind I couldn’t break the habit totally and have subtly been snapping away on the iPhone trying to capture special moments

imageTwo boys and a boat

Sunshine Beach texture

Hanging out at Sunshine Beach this morning there was plenty of texture filling the sky as light funnelled out through a gap in the clouds shedding rain as it made its way North.

From my vantage point I couldn’t help but appreciate the blossoming banksias, the lorikeets happily feeding off them and the path through the green foliage leading down to the beach

Noosa – A perfect winter morning location

Not only does Laguna Bay offer great protection from the traditional winter wind but also has the pleasure of being filled with the early light as the sun clears the Noosa headland and warms the recipients taking to the beach.

This makes it a perfect spot to catch up with friends with lots of early morning coffee spots waiting to greet you as you move off the beach.


Crossing into the summer side of solstice

The good news is today the sunshine was extended by almost 3seconds over yesterday!! The reality though was the morning was distinctly chilly, and as I set up at Castaways Beach I regretted not bringing a jumper with me. Even the early walkers returned with their hands burrowed firmly in their pockets and their was a determined expression on their faces angled distinctly further down than usual.
Cloud, bearing rain offshore, was being dragged along the coast threatening a foreboding of showers to come. Still, its Monday and the the start of a new week that may encourage a super productive day tucked away out of the freshness of the day!