A happy last day of Autumn

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As life moves on it seems I am constantly comparing myself to others. I know thats probably a really bad thing to admit but when your friends include a state premier and and an amazing best friend who’s wealth is only exceeded by his generosity, business smarts and wonderful family it can be a little difficult to ignore the comparison.
This weekend however, I headed out for a rather more exotic location to continue the boat work.

I barely noticed the fog lifting as I buried myself in the more fun stages of boat restoration. Gone are the mending, repairing, laborious stages, replaced by the excitement of setting up for new and interesting additions.

Before too long the sun was sliding down out to the west and so I downed tools, grabbed a box of matches and the camera, inspired to do something that I almost never do, make a fire on the beach.

Firstly though I took a long walk on the white Fraser Island sand, noticing the birds all around, a dugong breached not far from a pod of dolphins fishing on the incoming tide and a cacophony of buzzing spilt out of the inland vegetation. A dingo trotted out from the bush but beat a hasty retreat at my presence.

Behind all that my boat, Wild Goose sat quietly at anchor, looking far better for the makeover under way and the removal of all the gear that has been littered all over the deck.

As I busied myself with my fire I felt more content than I had in a long time. Im no political mover or shaker, my bank account continues to struggle, I have been somewhat left behind in a business world of younger movers and shakers, but what I have is a rich,textured and wonderful life that cannot be measured in worldly terms.

So as the sun sets on this last day before winter and I sit in front of a fire in shorts and a t shirt I am ashamed of how I can complain and take all these wonderful things for granted when so many would dream to have a weekend where I hang out regularly.

Truth is that this is what is important to me anyway and this is where I am most comfortable.

As the sun disappeared behind the cane fields filling the sky with smoke, I turned my attention to the southern cross and catching some light trails in the sky clear of human light pollution. I couldn’t help but watch the dancing flames and found plenty to appreciate and be very thankful for. Surely this has been a very happy day.


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