Anzac Day – Lest we forget

No matter what your take is on war, the 25th April makes you stop and pay homage to the people who gave their lives. Not the wars, who won or lost, just those folks who donned a uniform and did what they were ordered to do.
This morning I couldn’t help but admire the men and women who walked around, their chests slightly more puffed than usual to display their medals. Not one for rank I wanted to shake their hands and commend them for their bravery and commitment. To hug those, who despite the time of day were there to remember their loved ones, passing far away from home and in a situation where they were just a statistic, a cost to an ideology made by people who would never understand the way they would change so many peoples lives on a personal level.
So I tried to focus my lens on people, who’s life in modern society are blessed to live with comforts never experienced before.
and reflect upon how bright we have it here at home whilst such a long way away friends, family and loved ones are still fighting bloody battles over ideologies we don’t understand and cannot comprehend. Lest we forget.

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