A swinging time

As Marcia ravishes the areas to the west of me and tracks south its punishing winds move out of my comfortable, sheltered quadrant, into my more exposed and open one. To complicate things further there is a strong incoming tide stealthily fighting the wind, both bumping up the waves and meaning all the boats with their lengthened chain scope are sailing around each other with an unnerving invasion of personal space!
The radar indicates it should be past soon enough and Im sure I can vouch for all the skippers in saying they are looking forward to the change of tide in several hours.
Before it all kicked in I took advantage of a break in the rain and paddled the camera ashore, wary of not wanting to move too far away yet appreciating the stretching of the legs and a different point of view!
Im also sure that people are in far more precarious places than me. I at least have the ability to move somewhat out of harms way and the flooding that is affecting so many is not an issue for me.
Although not much here as the wind increased so the dropping of large tree limbs on the picnic shelters had me looking up into the rigging as the noise echoed around my already fragile nerves!

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