Cyclone Marcia – Garry’s Anchorage

As I was busily writing my post yesterday I was conscious of a huge and heavy cloud band bearing down on me. Even as I left I encountered some ferocious squalls that had me questioning my decision to leave going the return would be very difficult if I needed to.
As sheets of white water covered the ocean and the boat lurched violently in the wind I had to hark back to past times when we would have revelled in these conditions!
Fortunately, the heavy rain held off allowing navigation to remain with the eyes and not by the brail of GPS and with the help of the tide I managed to drop anchor safely in Garry’s Anchorage by mid morning.
Garry’s is a near perfect cyclone hole tucked in the western lee of Fraser Island which is often over run by houseboats and novice rent a yacht skippers. Right now though they have all been recalled and so there were only six other prudent skippers sheltering when I arrived.
Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 7.45.49 AM
As you can see it is fairly narrow and with Stewart Island, provides protection from all points of the compass. If the worst was to happen it is sand and mud to rest onto as a backstop.
With the sun breaking clear of the torrential rain, and with other parts of the coast coping the brunt of its landfall I was very thankful to have arrived and been settled early, have plenty of food and power to allow me to sit it out and a list of chores to keep myself occupied!

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