A morning gathering

Every now and then I venture out from my cave of solitude and invite people to join in on my mornings. Out comes the Mr Hyde social personality and away we go.
This morning I was humbled, overwhelmed and grateful as the Coolum car park filled up as throngs arrived braving the 4.00am start and threatening weather. by the time we kicked of over 60 people had come down and I was so thankful for the support of Rich from Teds Cameras who not only gave valuable insights into the different cameras presenting but put on a breakfast to feed us all. Whilst most took their flash drives with a promise to post a few lingered just a little longer and we went through some of their pics.
It never ceases to amaze me how different other peoples perceptions are of the same morning which of course is part of the fun.
Kerri Roland 6Phil Bender 8Phil Bender 8
Adrian Roland 2
Coolum Sunrise

Coolum Sunrise_3

Coolum Sunrise_2

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