One wave can’t explain the whole ocean

The sun rose in the same way as it does every morning – oblivious and unaffected by all the sad and terrible events that occurred in Sydney last night. Obviously its not tuned into any radio or TV station as the coverage saturates every media outlet. Even now through the sadness there is outrage and finger pointing, blame and accusation. Maybe I live in my own sheltered bubble and I certainly don’t want to downplay how terrible all this is, however I hope it hasn’t changed our culture and the way we think and this Chinese proverb rattles around my head – “One wave can’t explain the whole ocean”.
The world is a beautiful place and we are honoured to reside in a particularly special nook, please be open and accepting to other people and their views and don’t let our inflated view of ourselves as a race screw up the world. BE NICE!! Thank you all for your support, patience and acceptance of me and my daily pics.

4 thoughts on “One wave can’t explain the whole ocean

  1. Your comment today was so true. One wave does not explain the whole ocean. Let us not be ruled by fear – Our God is far bigger and greater and He tells us not to be anxious for our lives – Matthew 6 v25+

  2. Wonderful photography and sobering thoughts that needed to be said, David. I love the Chinese proverb. May I use it on my Proverbial Thursday feature at some time in the next month or so. I will of course, credit you as the source and link your blog. 🙂 Cheers, Amanda

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