This morning I was busy setting up on a brooding start to the day when a group of people gathered before me. At first I must confess to being a little annoyed, I mean couldn’t they see me organised and ready to go? Soon though, tears were rolling down my eyes as I watched them bind tightly and take urns out into the water to release its contents and release white balloons into the air. As they watched their loved ones and balloons reach to the sky their grief was shared.
The colour and sky seemed to match their mood and I felt I had to capture the moment for them. I am hoping that as I share this you would not see this as invasive or inconsiderate it inappropriate, (I showed them and asked to get in touch with me) but I felt it too powerful not to share.
As we mourn the loss of Robin Williams I would ask you to take a look at an old post.
I have more thoughts but would like some more time to consider before posting.

One thought on “Farewell

  1. A picture paints a thousand words and we thank you.
    On Thursday at dawn, we all gathered to farewell our dear Husband, Father and Pop, in a Memorial ceremony at his favourite holiday destination. As our tears flowed, the clouds parted to enable us to share our grief and celebrate his life with the sunrise, and the release of balloons up to the skies. Thank you for your privacy and for your empathy in knowing a picture would mean so much, capturing the colour, mood and occasion with beauty and dignity.
    The Osborne Family

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