Getting the heartbeat racing

Last night I ran a dinner meeting at the local turf club. Sitting by the window it struck me that the grounds might make an ideal location for a sunrise shoot. A quick check on the compass and a scout around before leaving galvanised my enthusiasm.
I was surprised that the light were on flooding the marshalling area so i quickly jumped the fences out into the middle where horses were pounding the tracks. having found my spot I patiently set up being careful not to disturb the horses and riders as they passed.
Unfortunately security didn’t see it the same way and as I was led away to a more appropriate location their frustration calmed to a more tolerant demeanour.
With a new understanding and contact within the grounds I may try again next time. On the way out however it was interesting passing the horses, jockeys,trainers, interested punters, and a whole range of people as comfortable at being up at this time as me!

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