Risk Taking

When I started this page I had a very specific goal: To try and brighten peoples day and to remind people how beautiful our environment is and motivate us to do more to keep it clean. Sunrise has always been to me consciously depicted as being as close to the unobstructed view as possible, either by proximity or by height. Last night I made a decision to hang back and see if I could combine the sunrise with the beautiful surrounding gardens and its autumn colours. As the sun turned the clouds pink and lit the sky beyond my horizon I nervously waited, all the time wondering if I had done the right thing and today would be the day I had nothing to offer.
I had spent quite some time here last night tracking the moon and confirming with the compass different possibilities and so I sat patiently dealing with inner turmoil as the sun lost its colour and with the light dropping like a tide line on the trees around me, began to reveal new glow. Risks can take various forms and for me taking me out of my comfort zone and leaving no back up plan was as challenging as any white knuckle ride I could imagine. I hope you enjoy both my photo and your day ahead.

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