Kiama – a picturesque place



Following the old wool track from Braidswood to the coast the dirt road and bends through the mountains were a little spoilt by loads of traffic eager to get home. My cautious instincts were on high alert both by the lack of visibility and the irrational driving I was witnessing. Slowly I was aware that the temperature was rising and the air was getting distinctly warmer. By the time I hit Gerringong it was t shirts, shorts and thongs and as the blue ocean glistened before me I felt way out of place in my countless layers that had given such comfort for the past week. I packed the beanie away and reached for a cap!
I’m not sure if it’s just my photographic eyes revealed a new perspective of Kiama or just the afternoon on a perfect afternoon but I was certainly transfixed. Checking in to a caravan park I was staggered at trying to be charged $80 for an unpowered site for my swag for the night so I moved on finding another on Kendall beach for a more reasonable $23.
The afternoon sun was delightful as I took a tour riding around in a shirt checking out morning opportunities.
What a morning! The obvious was the lighthouse standing proud at the point above the blowhole however I get the feeling you could spend a lot of time here with the camera and not be disappointed!




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