Good Friday in the mountains


Good Friday broke in a thick covering of fog and since I wasn’t in a hurry it was past 9 by the time I departed Khancoban. The start of the climb was inauspicious and not being in a rush I ventured down some small offshoots raising the ire of well settled campers along the rivers and taking in the view above the low lying fog in the valleys. As I neared the top it was getting noticeably colder and the breeze was picking up to nuisance value. I had contemplated lugging my gear up to the Kosciusko summit and camping for the sunrise but just stopping for a quick photo put an end to that hair brain idea and I passed Thredbo and the ski fields with the prospect of a hot coffee firmly in the front of my mind. As the clock ticked over to say lunchtime I happily tucked into Gloria Jeans at Jindabyne and was able to connect to real Wi Fi for the first time since I left to remind me that there are some creature comforts one just can’t do without!
Soon enough the swag was up and a campfire crackling. A little bit of rain had me seeking shelter in the play hall and my trek postponed for Sunday. Look out for some pics tomorrow from the top of Australia!





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