A country view

With dark clouds ominously gathering in the ranges and getting late in the afternoon I opted for a room at the roundabout Inn in Gloucester. Small but compared to the swag it was a mansion!
Early I headed out to the Kia Ora lookout for a country view of the rolling hills over to the east and marvelled at the fog settled in over the ranges inland..

If you ever find yourself at Grafton or Armidale and on two wheels the 224km between the water and Australia’s highest city is not to be missed. Alternating between tight, twisty road through sub tropical rainforest the corner radius opens out as you ascend into sweeping turns through lush green country with snow gums and eucalyptus trees letting you know that the cold air penetrating your gear is for a reason!
Along the way there a plenty of reasons to stop, grab the camera and explore. Alas some of them are sitting on the other flash drive I can’t download onto the I pad however Ebor falls heads the Guy Faulkes National Park and is pretty spectacular.




After a stop at Armidale I pushed on through bushranger country to follow the legendary Captain Thunderbolt down his path to Gloucester, a beautiful piece of country I would dearly loved to have stopped for more photos but I didn’t want to arrive after dark with the prospect of no accommodation available and having to get organised in the wet and no light!




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