Peoples Day

I love my mornings, they are a great escape for me and a time I can sit alone and contemplate the day. Recently though, I have been delving into the possibility of including more people in my photography in general, so as part of the adventure I thought I would focus on people one day a week.

Putting out a casting call for anyone willing to get up early and join me is a tad daunting, especially challenging on my independence, but hey, thats what lives about.

Unfortunately, my model for this morning had to cancel because of a sick family member needing attention, so undaunted I went to Alex where I had a fair inkling that there would be plenty of enthusiastic surfers making the most of the best and cleanest waves we have had for ages.

If you are anywhere near the Sunshine Coast and would like to join me please get in touch as I have loads of spots I think would suit the energy of peoples involvement and I would appreciate the help of willing surfers, yogi’s, joggers, walkers, dog walkers, ETC!
For your efforts you might even end up with a few pics worth hanging on to and a worthy addition to your modelling portfolio.

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