Saturday morning distractions

Sometimes you just have to sit back and marvel at where life takes you! Its 5.00am on a Saturday morning and Im setting up ready to film a hip hop video on the Gold Coast! The singers and manager have arrived dressed in their gear greeting each other with friendly gestures a long way from my handshakes!

The esplanade is scattered with schoolies coming home from their all night revelling, exercisers for their morning session, and the odd homeless person disrupted by the activities and expected rain.

With the talent ducking for shelter I managed a few shots where the energy is centred, the people from all walks of life summing up what is for me, the Gold Coast!

2 thoughts on “Saturday morning distractions

  1. That’s an interesting contrast to see the homeless man along side the others. I cannot believe that we still have many people that are homeless in this country of ours. It’s very sad.

  2. Its very sad Gina although I wonder if, with all the care in world some of these people are on a journey that needs such a horrible path before coming back?
    I also find it puzzling that how often the poorest and most needy are neighbours to the affluent and most wealthy.

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