Appreciating the day

Today is a special day for several reasons. Im old enough now not to care too much about birthdays but still, today is my turn to turn the wheel one more notch and deep down inside there is a light of thankfulness and appreciation. The second is that today is the first day of the first test. It represents the start of summer for me and although the series of 5, 5day matches will continue over the bulk of summer there is always something special about the build up that will set a trend for the next few months.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are hanging with dad as we got on with things on Lord Howe Island with the radio blaring the dulcet tones of commentators as they told stories between balls and described the twoing and froing of the battle on the field.
So it was with some selfishness that I found a quiet little spot down in the bays at Coolum to reflect on another years passing followed by the luxury of breakfast at my favourite coffee shop at Noosa to post these little glimpses of a beautiful morning and cherish the sight of a mother and daughter, strangers to me but comrades in morning appreciation.

5 thoughts on “Appreciating the day

  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday. I did call at 5am and leave a message. Have been thinking of you all day. Dinner OK with you tomorrow night? Love mum x

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  2. Happy birthday to a fellow Scorpio. πŸ˜‰ I came to your blog from the White Rabbit’s recommendation of you in her blog award. I’m glad I did. You take Beautiful Photos.

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