Noosa Original

Sometimes I just wonder if I have great intuition, researched instinct, skill, or just plain incredibly lucky.
So often after I check the weather I check my hunch and if the two agree then Im off.
I never know exactly what Im going to find until I get there, yet I often think WOW, I really jagged that one. I didn’t know that the council were coming to pick up the beached buoy at Perigean Beach, nor the fisherman at Mudjimba, yet on so many occasions I arrive and there it is happening. I wandered down to the Noosa River this morning and this lovely old boat was basking on the sand and just sang out to be photographed, like a glamour model from another era she posed and made me my day. I felt so lucky that fate brought us together this morning. If I went tomorrow I doubt she would still be there, she would have moved back to grace another part of the river so I embraced and appreciated my moment by the river with a Noosa Original.

If I allow myself a little indulgence, maybe I just have an eye for composition which gets me through most days and the fact that Im there every morning means every now and then the odds are that I get lucky.

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