Where there is help there is Hope

Gabby and david

As a morning person I am so lucky. No matter what is going on in my life and no matter what stress’s I may be under, when my eyes spot that pillow at night they recognise the sign and I have no say in the matter, I am asleep within seconds. The drawback is however, when I wake I am instantly awake and those stress’s and strains hit me like a ton of bricks. Experience has taught me that if I try and stay in bed the black dog of the night growls by my side and threatens to jump and tear me apart.
My answer to that is similar to my approach on most things, to get out and get busy – the more physical the better. When the occasion arises, especially when I was going through separation and all the things associated with it, you could find me out running, pushing weights at the gym or paddling my ski long before the street lights could recognise their time to turn off. The more tortuous the activity the better to fight my way through the demons of the dark in my head.
I guess thats why sunrise is so special to me, because with those first faint rays of light I knew I had made it through and that things were going to get better. A new day was dawning and with it a new slate to write my next paragraph of life. It became a passion then to share that time each day and maybe, just maybe, I could help others to feel better about their day as well. People often ask me what I do on a miserable day? My thought is as long as there is another day how can it be miserable? Sure, not all days are spectacular, but then again all days are to be celebrated and Im more interested in finding the beauty of each day as it appears rather than comparing it with another. It may very well be easy to capture the spectacular but nearly 4 years of morning photography has taught me that each day is beautiful in its own unique way!
I actually find most of the above really hard to tell and Im not sure if I have ever really expressed how much I have and sometimes still struggle with all that my journey in life has taken me.
I am putting it out there however because of a disturbing event that came to my attention this week.

Around two years ago as I warmed up in the yoga studio a beautiful young girl, full of energy and enthusiasm bounced in to take us through our class. Fresh off the plane from England she immediately had all of our attention and quickly ensconced her vibrancy through the whole studio with her wit and charm. She was a free spirit who’s youthful passion and exuberance for life had us spell bound. Her 28odd years had not robbed her innocence or quest for a fulfilled life. Struggling for money she boarded in our spare room where she quickly melded into our lives.
People don’t often get up at my time of the day to watch the sunrise, but one morning with typical enthusiasm, there she was sitting with torch in hand waiting to join me on a morning adventure! Whilst I ran around with a camera she sat poised, meditating as the night turned into day.
Eventually her visa ran out and she headed off for adventures in Asia and we bid her fond goodbyes.

Last week her Facebook page was filled with grieving messages as news filtered through that burdened with debt, unable to work and cut off from support networks she chose a far more tragic alternative than reaching out for help by friends and family. A beautiful life cut short and a reminder that the black dog will find us at our weakest and most vulnerable place and be merciless to those who cannot find help.
Please, Please Please know there is help. Where there is help there is hope. If she had only reached out there would have been an army of people to support her. In a world where people are constantly finding ways and excuses to divide, segregate, pigeon hole and even marginalise there is hope and help. Here in Australia we have lifeline, 13 11 14 but everywhere there is support. Pick up the phone, go to your nearest church, AA meetings understand anyone needing help.
My call to action:
Stay in contact with friends who have moved. A call, text, e mail or Facebook just to say hello and keep an open line.
If someone moves into your circles, keep an eye on them, make sure they are ok.
Give a hug, theres nothing more reassuring than a warm hug
If this is appropriate share, if not, write your own and share.
Im no counsellor but send me a message. Whatever we think or believe lets be there to give each other a non judgemental hand. Don’t let your obituary be the time when you see how many people really care!

10 thoughts on “Where there is help there is Hope

  1. This is very sad and all too true , there is help out there . I would always be there to help family friend or a total stranger , no one should ever feel that way ,,,,, and if you do talk to someone , people do care and will help you through …..

  2. I am so sorry that you lost a friend David. Thank you for sharing your story with us, it is terribly moving.

  3. Hi Shippo, I read your piece this morning and was moved to comment. I really enjoy your morning photos and am veryimpressed at their level of artistic content. Mate, life has sure taught you much Wisdom these past years. From reading your thoughtful and helpful words, I see that our Heavenly Father continues to have his hand on you and He just thinks you’re awesome and magnificent. I loved catching up with you and your son a year ago in Melbourne. Please let’s do so again when you are next down south, Jonathan

    • Thanks Jonathon,
      He certainly has and for that I am thankful.
      It was great to catch up and look forward to doing so next time I’m in town. I am catching up with Lynn Shaw next weekend and feel I am slowly putting a whole heap of the puzzle back together. Thanks so much for your kind words, coming from a man I have much admiration for it means a lot!

  4. I continue to be amazed at your thoughful and beautifully articulate words. I can see such growth in your life but also the touch of tragedy that sadly makes us deeper and more compassionate. So glad we are catching up as there is much to talk about i can see. I hope you always know there is never a time or place I wouldnt come to support you.

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