Happy World Oceans Day 2013!

Amen!! This is so imprtant. Lets join Bailey in his quest!
My three tips to do our bit,
Dont use plastic bags
Dont buy water in plastic bottles, buy glass or metal and refill at home!
Pick up 3 pieces of rubbish on your way.

Bailey Boat Cat

Wether you live inland, by the coast or on the water we are all connected to and by the ocean. Today is a celebration of our beautiful oceans and all the wonderful creatures and habitats within them.

The World Oceans Day website lists these reasons why we should all celebrate today:

The world’s ocean:

Generates most of the oxygen we breathe
Helps feed us
Regulates our climate
Cleans the water we drink
Offers us a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines
Provides limitless inspiration!

We all have a responsibility to care for and protect our oceans. One thing you can do today is make a promise to help protect and conserve our oceans by making a small change in your daily life. Here’s mine:


What’s your promise?

Bisous Bailey

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