A Friday get together at Coolum

For those who don’t know I post my sunrise picture into the local ABC radio station each morning. I have been doing so for around 18months now and in that time I have gathered a bit of a following.

Around two weeks ago I had this crazy idea of inviting listeners to come and join me for a sunrise shoot. It was a random act and I wasn’t quite sure what would happen but I figured I would be down there anyway and it might be an interesting way to give a glimpse of my mornings activities.

So 18 brave people turned up with cameras and equipment and we had a fantastic morning shooting and chatting.

David B
I even managed a couple of photos myself!

Pauline 2
After we took over a coffee shop and downloaded all the photos and as a group selected our choice and posted them onto the radio stations Facebook site.

I was really honoured to have so many people join me and embarrassed by their praise but it really made my day

We have so many talented people around and it was a privilege to be able to share some information and give confidence to get out and do more with their camera’s




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