Afloat in Tin Can Bay

I purchased my yacht way back in 1998 when I was working as a yacht broker in Pittwater on the Northern Beach’s of Sydney. She was broken down, half full of water and left to rot away. Despite all of that it was love at first sight, and not being able to convince anyone else to buy her I decided to outlay the cash and give her the love she so desperately needed. For the next six years I stripped her down, rebuilt and bought her back to the loved classic I could see originally. We then took her North on a 12 month passage along the east coast of Australia for the most remarkable voyage of my life.
We never made it back to Sydney, I was offered a job in the Sunshine Coast and so began a transformation back into an existence that society would classify as normal and responsible.
However life doesn’t always go the way of fairy tales and happily ever after turned right as we turned left leaving a trail of other priorities.
Though all this time my Goose has sat patiently, first as my home and then an afterthought, slowly yielding to the elements without a wimpier as life rolled on. Sure, there have been sporadic surges of attention, but this classic beauty needs more than an occasional touch of lippie!
As you might gather, we have had a relationship that has endured relationships, marriages, extremely good times, rocky patches, and the whole range of emotions any relationship endures.
We fight, make up and start all over again. I feel at times that I have a love hate relationship with her. Almost like we both need each other whether we like it or not!
At the beginning of the year during the floods, she broke free of her mooring and beached herself high and dry for a number of weeks, meaning that instead of getting organised for a busy year I spent all my spare time trying to get her afloat. Eventually I reunited her with the mooring but she returned in a distinctly more shabby state, which work and study commitments have meant that she has had to remain, sitting unattended for several months.
So it was with a mixture of sorrow and anticipation that I drove up and came aboard in the dark last night to spend a weekend to try and make some peace with the my beautiful boat. As we speak the batteries are charging and the fresh air is flowing through her abundant girth. Te engine is giving me the silent treatment and there is plenty of mess to clean up after the local wildlife have made their dwellings in the nooks and crannies of the cockpit.
Still, the sun is out and its time to give her the love and attention she deserves.

4 thoughts on “Afloat in Tin Can Bay

  1. What a beautiful account on the trials and tribulations of owning a boat. I have never owned a boat and yet, I can imagine it precisely as you describe here in your relationship with her. I guess if your job/business allows you to have such a luxury, then by all means, give her all the TLC that you can. Sadly, at some point in time, it might happen that you will part ways and divorce each other, all be it, amicably, of course. Nothing is forever.

    Love your photos!

    • Thank you, I was worried I’d said too much. I have actually put her on the market twice but withdrew after silly offers.
      I really want to use it for some environmental excursions I am working on, however I need to finish uni first so can continue.
      Tonight I am sitting after a day cleaning and servicing and feel so much better. That is the fluctuations I was writing about!

      • I gathered as much. I am always amazed about the things that make us feel good. What may seem menial to most will feel satisfying to some. Well done on a good days work 🙂

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