Peregian Madness

Peregian Beach
This has sure been an interesting week. Finishing off interview for life art movie last week I picked a nice quiet cafe to interview. I bought coffee and cakes as a prop and set up the the table. Half way through a family came to the deserted cafe and scratched their chairs, table and crying baby right next to us!! When I mentioned we were here in this quiet spot to film an interview the guy ‘s comeback was… Well were over here to enjoy a quiet coffee!! I didnt want to offend the cafe so we finished our drinks and found another location to start again.
This morning, as is my habit I set up in the dark for my photo, lined up with the foreground using my compass and rattled off some checks. Just as the sun was about to appear the council came with heavy earthmoving equipment and security telling me I had to move immediately as they needed to access the path I had commandeered! Needless to say I found somewhere quickly and to be honest I think I was forced into a more interesting set up for the move. Just goes to prove when life dishes out lemons its far more more enjoyable to create lemonade!

2 thoughts on “Peregian Madness

  1. Reminds me of a Buddhist story (abridged) about a farmer and his son who fell off a horse, breaking his leg (which was bad). When war broke out, the son escaped conscription because he was temporarily crippled (which likely saved his life).

    We really never have control anyways, so it is much better to keep trying, but accept happenstance gracefully. In this case, it seems to have been beneficial to your ultimate intent and what might have been a standard photograph turned out to be far more interesting.


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