The trade wind dilemma

Kings beach froth
These south east trade winds have kicked in early. Probably too early for them to be technically called by that name but no matter the label they are all too familiar. Sailors over the centuries have relied on these winds to carry them around globe reaching far flung destinations and they give me some connection to Cook, Magellan and even Columbus, the greats of explorers with whom I can only dream of their courage, determination and talent.
With the maritime air comes the showers, salt laden air and collection of whatever is floating around out there washing ashore. It also leaves the skin heavy and skyline hazy with reduced visibility and cloudy water. Whilst it is great for sailboats to move North, I look forward to the winter westerlies bringing clear, fresh air of the land allowing unhindered visibility and clean, smooth waves, their faces being held up in the offshore breeze. A different change of season is around the corner

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