Best of the Rest (Week 4)

Stairs close up
The discipline of morning photography sometimes gets thrown a curve ball. This week it was our work conference in Wollongong, around 200km south of Sydney. Known as a steel town with its harbour supporting mines and infrastructure it is nestled underneath the ranges stretching along the coastline.

Wollongong rock
Luckily we stayed at a hotel right on the waterside with plenty of wave activity amongst the sand and rocks.

Another of my joys is having my friend Polly from Pollyanna Photography join me each morning. She shoots more with nature and horses and is both an inspiration and wealth of knowledge from which I draw upon often.

birds eye view
Being from Sydney meant she had her car and we took some time to head up to Stanwell Tops favoured by hang gliders. The road follows and flies over the ocean and is truly spectacular although on this afternoon it was a tad wet and windy!

wollongong long exposure
With the constant cloud that seemed to accompany us I needed to step out of my comfort zone and get a little more creative. Having just purchased a remote control I played around with some very long shutter speeds utilising the lights from the refineries.

wollongong splash
With some sun, rocks and wave I felt a little more at home on the last day

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