Cape Byron Lighthouse

A quick geography lesson for those not familiar with Australia, Cape Byron, which looks over Byron Bay is an Icon of Australian tourism for two reasons. Firstly, it is undeniably an incredibly beautiful place with the steep headland offering protection to the bay with gems such as Wategoes Beach,the Pass, and Byron bay sitting in its lee, catching the swell wrapping around the point, providing a wave that has had surfers from around the world drooling at the sight!
Secondly, it is the most Easterly point on the Australian Mainland and thus provides the perfect vantage point to witness the suns first rays touching Australian soil. An obvious navigational landmark it has a beautifully restored and fully functional lighthouse to warn passing sailors of the imminent danger of cutting too close.

For the Aboriginal people, it has been traditionally a place of celebration although I doubt weather the schoolies drunken antics would have been their prefered actions.
Anyway, I digress, there is so much I could say but I will leave a few pictures to wet the appetite for a visit so you can see for yourself!!

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