Elbow Point, Fraser Island

Elbow Point, Fraser Island

OK, Im off on my boat to Hervey Bay for its whale watching hiatus. Our first stop was Elbow Point on the southern end of Fraser. We arrived late and I was unusually rushed as I need to catch the tail end of the tide to whisk me up through the sandy straits. I wondered if the energy moving away from the beautiful sunrise might detract from the picture but I kind of liked it and is a little unusual. Would appreciate any thoughts. David

2 thoughts on “Elbow Point, Fraser Island

  1. I like it, but think it could look different with the line of heaven and water being in the middle of the pic to catch more of the great colors of the heaven and maybe a bit more of the boats end instead of the motor (?)
    But the reflection of the sun on the motor looks nice too. 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback. It is much appreciated. It is nice to have other input. What drew me to the pic was the reflection on the motor leading out through the dinghy’s wake. I tried heading into it as well but unfortunately the bow didn’t have the same result.

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